Dirhami Financial Awareness Initiative

Dirhami Financial Awareness Initiative

ADCED launched the Dirhami Financial Awareness Initiative, the first of its kind in the Arabian Gulf region, in December 2010.

The Initiative aims to raise financial awareness among members of the community in Abu Dhabi and to educate them on financial matters related to managing their funds and savings and making sound financial decisions when it comes to spending, savings, planning, borrowing, investment and debt management.

Within the framework of the annual activities of the Initiative, ADCED organized several workshops and educational seminars for employees of several government bodies and targeted segments of the community, including citizens and residents, such as students at specific educational stages, age groups, newlyweds and others.

In order to ensure the best results among the target audience, the Initiative developed a strategic plan to expand the scope of cooperation with related and specialized entities in the field of financial awareness. In this respect, ADCED signed a number of cooperation agreements with several government and private bodies such as Abu Dhabi Sports Council, Emirates Foundation for Youth Development and others.

The Dirhami Initiative has been widely recognized worldwide after its launch, an indication of ADCED's positive role in promoting financial awareness.

In recognition of the significance and effectiveness of this Initiative, ADCED was admitted to the International Network for Financial Education (INFE) established by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), to become the first government body in the United Arab Emirates to join this network, which supports financial awareness and financial education around the world.

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