The Economic Dialogue Forum

The Economic Dialogue Forum

The year 2013 witnessed the birth of a new economic initiative launched by ADCED, namely a quarterly forum called "The Economic Dialogue". The Initiative aimed at strengthening public-private partnership and creating an open platform for dialogue and exchange of views on various economic issues between experts and specialists in this field, with a focus on the emergence of new industries in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The idea of the Forum is to organize a seminar between representatives of the public and private sectors from a specific industry or activity to discuss and find solutions for challenges facing the private sector in that industry. During the meeting, specialists make presentations followed by a series of panel discussions. In view of outcome of discussions, a set of recommendations and suggestions are prepared.

ADCED then would prepare a comprehensive study based on the proceedings and recommendations of the forum to be presented to the decision makers in the Government of Abu Dhabi. The study includes a description of the issue, difficulties it represents for the private sector and a set of recommendations, best practices and suggestions on how to overcome these challenges.

In this regard, ADCED organized four forums of The Economic Dialogue initiative. The first forum was held in the second quarter of 2013 under the theme "Emergence of New Industries in Abu Dhabi: Enabling the Private Sector" in cooperation with the Harvard Business School graduates club in the Gulf region and the participation of more than 170 delegations from the public and private sectors.

In October 2013, the second forum was organised under the theme "Corporate Financing and Access to Finance" in cooperation and coordination with economists from the World Bank. The discussion sessions highlighted the challenges and constraints faced by private sector companies and small and medium enterprises in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in obtaining financing. The discussions centered on how to create an enabling environment that allows them to obtain financing to contribute effectively to the growth and sustainability of the local economy.

"Tourism Sector in Abu Dhabi: Overcoming Challenges and Building Synergies” was the theme of the third forum organized in November 2015 under the Economic Dialogue initiative activities. This forum was organized in cooperation with the Department of Economic Development, Department of Culture and Tourism and Abu Dhabi Municipality representing the public sector together with leading representatives from the private tourism sector.

In September 2016, the Council organized the Third Economic Forum under the title "Linkages between Industries" with the participation of more than 200 people representing the largest industrial companies and representatives of small and medium enterprises related to the industrial sector. The objective of the forum was to create an integrated industrial base through interconnecting the main manufacturing industries in the Emirate with small and medium industries and free zones to benefit from their manufacturing capabilities in providing all or some of the needs of the main industries.

The forum, which was considered one of the most successful economic gatherings, was organized in cooperation with the Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi, the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development, the Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones and the Khalifa Industrial City (KIZAD), as well as 15 government-owned industrial companies. A large number of small and medium enterprises representing the private sector also attended the forum.

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